Tuesday, August 3, 2010

fishery arts (tle 21)

TLE 21

Fishery Arts


  • Science which deals with the study, utilization, conservation of fish and other fishery products, their fishing ground and the right to use such products.


  • Act on the business of catchery, culturing, preserving fish and other fishery products.

Major Aspects

  1. Fish culture or inland fisheries or sova culture

  2. Fish capture or marine fisheries

  3. Fish preservation


  • includes all aquatic animals in water


  • The way of developing those experience and educate

  • To raise. To rear, or to propagate

  • Process of raising fish and other fishery products in either artificial or natural bodies of water in maintaining the maximum productivity of fish for future generation.

Artificial bodies of water

  • Fishpond, aquarium

Natural bodies of water

  • Seas, river

Fish capture

  • Process of catching fish by using different fishing gears

Fish preservation

  • To preserve and avoid spoilage

Classification of Aquaculture of fish culture:

A. According ta area

          1. intensive fish farming – small area of raising fish more care, more production.

          2. Extensive fish farming – wide area of raising fish

B. According to origin

        1. artificial

        2. natural

C. According to habitat

1. fresh

2. brackish – combination of fresh and marine water.

3. marine

D. According to purpose

1. for commercial purposes

2. for recreational purposes

3. for family subsistence



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