Tuesday, August 3, 2010

basic electicity (tle 50 )

TLE 50

Basic Electricity

What is electricity?

  • Form of energy generated by fiction, induction, chemical changes.

  • Comes from the word electrons.


  • Electrical pressure that pushes electrons to flow.

  • Voltage ( V )


  • Flow of electrons.

  • Ampere ( I ) unit of current.


  • To limit the flow of current.

  • Opposition to the flow of current ( OHM ).

  • ( R )


  • The rate of doing work

  • Represent Watts

  • ( P )

Sources of electricity

  1. friction

  2. induction

  3. chemical reaction


  • A materials which allow the electrons to flow


copper wire, steel iron, water, aluminum, silver, gold


  • A materials which does not allow to gasp.


rubber, wood, plastic, glass, paper, air, dry cloth, porcelain, ceramics, mica, fiber

Basic tools used in Electricity

Side Cutter Diagonal Pliers

  • used to cut wire. They are specially designed with a cutting edge that goes down to the tip of the pliers. The advantage being that you can get into tight areas to trim wires. There are some that are equipped with live wire detection capabilities.

Tape Measure

  • is use to measure heights for switches and outlets. You will also need it to center lighting fixture boxes.


  • is used to secure boxes equipped with nail-on brackets to studs in a home.

Wire strippers

  • are used to cut the insulation off of the wire. They are equipped with different sized cutting teeth for various sized wires. They also have a cutoff portion in order to cut the wire.

Linesman Pliers

  • These pliers are the do-it-all pliers. They cut, twist wires together, and grip wires for pulling. They have a squared off end that is great for twisting wires together, a center cutting blade for cutting wire, and a grip area between the handles to pull wire.


  • An electronic device that can measure both AC and DC Voltages and Ohms. The display is either a meter or a digital readout.


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